Tuesday, April 28, 2020

3D Surface Modeling for fajr verification in Medina

On February 5, 2020, while performing Umrah, Mr. Ahmad Rizal collected a series of images about fajr in Medina. He used the Realme-2 gadget camera with the Lapse-It application. His data are one of the best among the 700 data that ISRN currently has.

In the previous video, ISRN has explained the detailed mathematical modeling on how to determine the presence of dawn accurately.
This video explains how the 3D-Surface Modeling technique can accurately verify the presence of the dawn.

Besides, this video also explains how to use the Lapse-It application on a gadget to obtain remote sensing data to determine the presence of dawn.

ISRN invites all Muslims in the world to take remote sensing data about fajr in their respective places for the preparation of global twilight patterns. Their contributions will be very invaluable for the development of Islamic civilization in the world. Please follow the following video:

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