Thursday, February 27, 2020

A gadget camera recorded the real fajr in Medina

On February 5, 2020, Mr. Ahmad Rizal took a series of photos of the fajr in Medina while he was performing umrah. He used Lapse-It application running on his Realme C2, an Android-based gadget camera.

Despite the use of a free version of the Lapse-It with only gives a maximum geometric resolution of 480 pixels, his recording is one of the best of the approximately 700 data that ISRN has.

The following video demonstrates the occurrence of the real fajr when the sun was at its depression angle of -10.24 degrees below the horizon. The ulemas of Saudi Arabia seem to have carefully considered the delay between athan and iqama about thirty minutes to allow the real fajr to occur. The fajr was already present when the muezzin recited iqama, and worshipers began to pray.

Should you be interested, please click the YouTube link, or copy-paste the following link to your browser:

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