Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Why is dawn in Indonesia too early? (1)

As of today, January 29, 2019, almost 117,000 people have accessed my articles and videos regarding the commencement of the Fajr prayer.

Obviously, Indonesians are atop with 64,486 readers and watchers (55.1%) because all my articles and videos are in Indonesian. The second group comes from the US with 8,940 readers (7.6%) because there might be hundreds of thousands of Indonesians are studying and working in the US. Here it comes the peculiar one as the third group comes from Russia with 8,614 readers (7.4%). I keep wondering why Russia? The number is even a lot larger than readers in Malaysia (5,208 or 4.5%) in the 5th rank after Belgium at 4th with 7,183 (6.1%).

If there are really Russians who speak Indonesian for academic reasons, how should Russians be interested in Islamic Science? This is the next question deserves an explanation.

After all, instead of struggling with unanswered astonishment, I began to think about creating the English version of the articles and videos. Here it is . . . the first English version of my video entitled: Why is dawn in Indonesia too early? (1). Please enjoy it through this address: