Sunday, September 13, 2009

Astronomical Analysis of Iedl Fitr 1430H

Astronomically, insya Allah, Ramadan 1430H will end when the Sun sets on the early eve of 19 September 2009. Conducted checks using astronomical software independently developed by three independent organizations reveal that the conjunction that marks the transition of monthly cycle of the moon orbiting the earth will occur at about 1:43 AM Jakarta time, or 2:43 AM Kuala Lumpur time on 19 September 2009. Conjunction refers to the very near approach of one celestial object (e.g. the sun) to another (e.g. the moon), as seen in the sky from a third heavenly body (the earth). In this position, the unlit part of the moon surface is perfectly facing to the observer on the earth; therefore, the moon will be totally black and invisible to our eyes. This condition marks the ‘new moon' in astronomy.